About You

About You

It’s all about you. Typically, many of our clients have a specific concern or goal. This may be in relation to retirement, either as a long-term objective or where this is imminent. We help our clients understand how much they need in retirement and how long their savings will last.

Some of our clients are business owners. As business owners ourselves we understand the time and energy it takes to run a business and this can leave little time to take care of your personal finances. We’ll help create a financial plan for you and your family using your business in the most efficient way.

You want to plan your Retirement

  • We’ll discover your short-term aspirations and how these relate to your long term objective of retirement
  • We’ll ask what retirement means to you
  • We’ll review any existing pensions, savings and investments so we can assess their suitability in relation to your goals
  • We understand planning for an objective that is far away can be difficult. We’ll help you understand what income you need to reach your retirement goals.
  • We know that on a long journey your plans can change. That’s why we’ll review your financial plan regularly and evolve it.

You are approaching Retirement or you are already Retired

We take time to understand not only your current financial challenges, but also your aspirations, objectives and desired retirement lifestyle. Our first meeting is all about you, not your money.

We review your existing pensions, savings and investments, making sense of your current financial situation and what it means for your future.

We show you how your existing assets, and the new Pension Freedom rules, can be used to help you retire early.

We help you reduce the amount of money paid in Inheritance Tax (IHT) when you’re no longer here, enabling you to leave a legacy for the people you care about.

We make recommendations and build a plan that will act as a step-by-step guide to achieving your objectives.

We work with you on an ongoing basis, through to retirement and beyond, to ensure you have the best possible chance of staying on track to meet your objectives.

Working with us will equip you with confidence for the next chapter of your life. Not only will you feel more informed about your current financial situation, but retirement will become a secure, realistic and exciting prospect.

You own a business

We’ll work closely with your other business advisers such as accountants and solicitors to ensure the legal and tax advice you receive complements your financial plan.

We’ll utilise your business and individual tax reliefs and allowances to ensure you keep more of your profits.

We’ll show you how pensions can be used to extract money from your business in the most tax efficient way. Where appropriate we’ll show you how a pension can be used to purchase commercial property.

We’ll ensure your business and family are protected against unexpected events such as death and illness.

We’ll ensure you can attract the best people for your business by implementing an Employee Benefits such as Workplace Pension, Death in Service and Private Medical Insurance.

We’ll create an exit strategy for your business so that you can have peace of mind in your next chapter.

To find out how we can help you email: hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk